Illegal immigrants are eligible for immigration bonds when they are arrested by INS or Immigration and Naturalization Service and are issued with a warrant of arrest. An immigration bond is the same as other kinds of bail bonds since they also guarantee the charged persons' appearance in court. Well, the bond's amount should be adequate to make sure that the defendants would appear for every immigration proceeding. The alien will be deliberated for the bond only when eligible. He or she should show that the release will not cause harm to a person or a property and would appear for all future proceedings so as to satisfy his immigration officer.

The Immigration Bond Release of the company could post the bond only once the INS has determined that a person is eligible. But, immigration bonds could be posted as well through private companies instead of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The registration number and name of the person as well as the facility's name where the person was held should be given. These primary requirements are the same as other kinds of bail bond, including the yearly premium payment that is paid to a bail agent.

An immigration bond needs casualty licenses rather that the usual licenses. In addition, when the alien would not be present at the court while being summoned, then the posted bonds would be likely to get forfeited. Language barrier often provide another difficulty for the bail bond agent to get an immigration bond. The process of gathering the collateral would vary in every immigration case. For more facts about bail bonds, visit this website at

Furthermore, it is vital to remember that this kind of bail bond cannot make sure that the person would not be deported out of the country. This will just make sure that the person arrested could meet with an attorney freely as well as take other measures needed in correcting their situation to the INS.


An immigration bond refund has certain requirements and rules which may not be the same as the other kinds of jail bond. Any lawyers that knows immigration issues very well would be able to help you in understanding the specifics about the immigration bail bond. Therefore, it is vital for you to find a person that can help you with this situation smoothly. Lastly, see to it that you are following all the rules to avoid further complexities in your case.